Last year, the number of cyber-attacks against large companies increased 40 percent, targeting five out of six enterprises with over 2,500 employees.

The security provider FireEye reports that cyber threats are increasing across the Nordic region, with the highest share of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malware alerts observed in Norway (47%), followed by Denmark (36%), Sweden (14%) and Finland (3%).

FireEye put the large variations down to differences in each nation’s core businesses, such as Norway’s large oil and energy sector. Notably, this industry was exposed to a major attack in 2014 when 50 oil companies were hacked and 250 others warned of the threat. The perpetrators used malware which installed when opening an email attachment to access company data.

Insider threat is the second biggest cause of breaches in public and private organisations.

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  • Aligning cybersecurity to the business
  • How to prepare and respond to a breach
  • Planning for EU GDPR
  • managing the insider threat
  • Bridging the cyber security skills gap
  • Securing Cloud and the Internet of Things
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