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A C-Level Approach

With over 6 years expertise in organising c-level, invitation-only conferences and networking dialogues, Noord has built close relationships with key decision-makers across a wide variety of revenue-intensive industries.

Recently, Noord has broadened the scope of its services, as we now also run webinars. In parallel we have launched an online community for IT professionals, as well as a professional networking platform for c-level decision makers.


Noord gives you the flexibility to approach your potential audience through a bespoke combination of communication channels, maximising both brand exposure and lead generation.

Whether through our traditional advertisement options or through our online communities and webinar solutions, Noord delivers a framework that will help you funnel the right message to the right audience in record-time.

The Noord Group will help you think beyond the traditional sales methods by enabling a customer-focused positioning of your brand. We’re here to help you create more powerful conversations with buying authorities as well as increase your conversion rates.

Upcoming Dialogues

  • Infosec UK Dialogue

    17th September 2019 to 18th September 2019Noord-Group
  • Data and Analytics UK Dialogue

    24th September 2019Noord-Group
  • IT & Digital Leaders UK Dialogue

    5th November 2019 to 6th November 2019Noord-Group
  • IT & Digital Leaders UK: Public Sector Dialogue

    27th November 2019Noord-Group

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