What our Solution Partners say

With over 6 years expertise in organising c-level, invitation-only conferences and networking events, Noord Group has built close relationships with key decision-makers across a wide variety of revenue-intensive industries.

Noord Group delivers a framework that will help you funnel the right message to the right audience in record-time. Find out what our Solution Partners have said about our recent dialogues:

“Meeting 1-2-1 with customers has been fantastic. We’ve been able to speak to people directly, we’ve been able to get around the chit-chat and talk directly about what their requirements are, their business needs and then speak about our solutions to those business needs directly. So it’s dialogue, 1-2-1, face to face, 25 minutes to the point – so it’s great.”

Country Manager UK, Matrix 42

“Generally it takes a long time to get to that C-Level. We can cut to the chase with the decision makers to cut down our sales cycle.”

Regional Sales Manager, Okta

“We’ve had some really good conversations which we expect to get a pipeline from. Looking back on the last event 3 months ago, we have active opportunities we’re working on that have come out of that so it’s looking very positive.”

Regional Sales Manager, Brocade

“Good event. The number of meeting was excellent, time flew by with good conversation. The delegates were of a good level and all were engaged”

Account Executive, Darktrace

“Good level + quality of contacts = good quality meetings”

Senior Account Executive, Planview

“Professional, good value, rewarding”

Strategic accounts, Plantronics

Upcoming Dialogues

  • CIO Ireland Dialogue

    28th April 2020Noord Ltd

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