It’s always the “Witching hour” for Infosec professionals. Nobody likes to be left in the dark but it is more likely when you’re dealing with the unknown.

With the threat of cyber attacks and hackers hiding around corner, the Infosec professional has to be more careful than ever in their approach to security to avoid a large-scale attack that we’ve seen affect organisations this year such as Three (Mobile), Equifax, Wonga and most recently the NHS.

We asked our Infosec community “What’s the scariest thing that has happened in your job this year?”

We asked what things in IT Security spooked Simon Legg, Group CISO for JLT Group and Angela Isom, Group Head of Data Protection Risk for JLT Group – two of our guest speakers at our upcoming Noord Infosec Dialogue UK.

What is the scariest thing that has happened to you at work this year?

Simon: “Saying goodbye to one company and hello to another…  I think the scariest question anyone has in their career is ‘What difference have I made?’ and conversely ‘Will I be able to make a difference?’ – these inflection points for me are more pronounced when you move from one company to another or take a meaningful turn in your career.”

Angela: “The scariest thing for me this year – trying to deliver certainty about GDPR compliance in the absence of helpful guidance from the regulators.”

Monsters in your closet! What are your biggest fears as a CISO?

Simon: “Biggest Monster I think in any CISO’s closet is ‘Have I done enough? Am I doing too much?'”

Angela: “I’m not a CISO but my biggest fear in respect of security is public perception of a firm’s risk appetite in the aftermath of a reportable data breach.”

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